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We’re able to offer you specialist advice for both commercial and residential markets and take pride in having access to a wide range of loan providers.

Bridging Finance has a notorious reputation for being expensive. This is true unless you have access to companies that do not charge extortionate fees, which we do. 

Bridging is designed for short term lending with the ability to roll all payments and lenders fees into the loan that is to be repaid within 6 to 18 months. 

You must have is an exit route or the lender will not lend you any money. The usual exit routes are either sale of the asset or refinance through a mortgage which we can help you with too. 

Bridging Finance can be arranged within a week but in most instances takes 2 weeks before the money is in yours or your solicitor’s bank account. 

People use bridging for many reasons with the most common being; 

  1. Buying property or land at Auction
  2. Development Finance
  3. Urgent payments to the Tax / VAT Man
  4. ANY unforeseen circumstances where money is needed urgently
  5. Bridging is ideal for ANY body with poor credit. The lender does not care at all about your repayment history, CCJ’s, Bankruptcy’s ETC as the loan is secured on the property or Land ONLY.